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Stark Mountain Press

364 Wilson Hill Road, Colrain, MA 01340
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Stark Mountain Press Presents: 
 Blue Night & the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses. 
 Second Edition. by Larry Kimmel
 Stark Mountain Press. $12.95   ORDER HERE  
In Blue Night & the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses, Larry Kimmel brings 
his unique blend of east-west aesthetics into full fruition. Kimmel has always 
displayed a wide range of subject matter in his highly imagistic style, but here 
we find, for the first time, a lightly suggested metaphysics,somewhat reminiscent 
of Cid Corman. While Blue Night is a wonderfully woven tapestry of variety, 
complexity and unity, the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses is a collage of 
cherita, a recent assimilation of the haiku and tanka techniques brought into an 
English-language short verse form.  Kimmel has made the cherita his own, 
using it both as a nano-narrative and lyrical vehicle. Added to this collection is 
The Temperature of Love, a free verse sequence hinting at a disquieted mind that 
finds an uneasy, sometimes resolution.  This second edition of Blue Night & the 
inadequacy of long-stemmed roses is a fascinating journey into the mind-scape 
of a poet, one who is acquainted with the night in all its cosmic ramifications.
this hunger, tissue-thin.  by Larry Kimmel 
Stark Mountain Press. $12.95 ORDER HERE
Here are177 tanka culled from the past decade of Larry Kimmel's work in this 
genre. Referred to as one of the seminal east-west fusionists, Kimmel covers 
a wide range of subject matter including a love of land, urban nights, eroticism 
and philosophical speculation. He uses all five senses, and while his method is 
imagistic, a certain heightened use of language is the hallmark of his craft.

The Ballad of Angela's Story.  by James Caraway
Stark Mountain Press $5.75 ORDER HERE 

"The Ballad of Angela's Story" by James Caraway, is a 300 some
 line ballad set in a generic past when men of power could get away 
 with anything (unlike today), and a maiden might just luck out, or 
 does she?  This is a somewhat satirical verse-story about a Duke's 
 son, a maiden, and her betrothed, dedicated to all the "lightfooted
 lads & rose-lipt maids," who've dallied on this green and sunlit earth.

Back in Print:

the toddler's chant. by Stanford M. Forrester
2nd Edition with additional poems. 
Glossy paperback, 5"x8", 133 pages. 
ISBN 978-0-98322984-1.  Stark Mountain Press. $18.00  
$15.00 - introductory price, plus shipping:  
     -$15.00 copy plus $2.50 (media mail) US 
-$15.00 copy plus $4.00 (first class mail) Canada
-$15.00 copy plus $6.00 (first class mail) Japan, Europe and elsewhere
the toddler's chant, by Stanford M. Forrester, was originally published in 2009. Even though it received no major book reviews, the book was praised by many individual poets and almost immediately sold out. Now Stark Mountain Press is bringing it back into print as an expanded, 2nd edition, including a comprehensive introduction by Michael Fessler. A guaranteed great read!
__________________________________________________ Where the Schoolhouse Flag First Floated: The Story of Catamount Hill. by Carol Purington Stark Mountain Press. $7.00 ORDER HERE Catamount Hill, a beautiful and historically intriguing section of Colrain, the author's Western Massachusetts hometown, is remembered for a flag-raising that took place in 1812. But there is much more to know about Catamount Hill and its people, and in this prose booklet Carol Purington tells the story of a place fascinating for its natural beauty as well as for its unusual record of community life. __________________________________________________